Friday, April 13, 2012

Fresh Lemonade And Becoming Alkaline

Babies are born very alkaline. They have pretty pink tongues. Breastfed babies keep pretty pink tongues. Formula fed babies get a white coating on their tongues. They become more acidic. When you die, you are very acidic. Disease breeds in acidic bodies. Therefore, the key is to stay as alkaline as possible.

There are lists out there of alkaline and acidic foods. All raw foods are alkaline. All processed foods are acidic. There are some neutral foods like butter. So eat as many alkaline foods as possible to keep a strong immune system.

Some ways I make sure I get plenty of alkaline food into my body is to have a big glass of warm lemon water or lemonade {1-2 lemons juiced, ice cubes, filtered water or sparking water, and stevia} first thing when I wake up. Your body has been fasting overnight and this is a good thing to start off with; NOT coffee which is very acidic and hard on your adrenals. Coffee is a drug and all drugs have side effects. Anything that is addictive can have side effects.

After workouts or after you sweat a lot, instead of Gatorade which is full of junk, try the juice of one whole lemon or limes, sparkling or regular water, a dash of good air dried sea salt {to restore electrolytes and minerals}, stevia, and ice. It tastes similar to Gatorade but is much tastier and better for you!

I also make sure I have a big salad every day with all kinds of greens and vegetables of all different colors. Taking a greens mix every day is good also, especially if you can't get a lot of fresh greens. For snacks, give your children fruit. Fruit was my children's favorite snack growing up. Give them healthy food growing up so they will have a taste for it when they are adults.

I know some mothers are unable to nurse their babies and dislike the idea of giving their baby formula. My grandma bought a goat and gave one of her babies raw goat's milk. A goat only grows up to be around 150 pounds, just like human beings so the protein is similar to human milk. Cow's milk is way too concentrated protein. Cows grow up to be a ton. Soy is full of estrogen which are not good for babies, especially boy babies.

So study nutrition. Being healthy is a wonderful gift you can give your children. It is a lot cheaper than being ill in the long run. My mom raised us on organic food way before it was popular. Most cancers and disease can be prevented. I just met a woman in bible study who is in severe, constant pain as a result of chemotherapy and radiation. She lives on morphine. She told me she is so sorry she went the chemotherapy route. It just wasn't worth it. Live to prevent cancer and other diseases.

He causes vegetation to grow for the cattle
 and all that the earth produces for man to cultivate, 
that he may bring forth food out of the earth.
Psalm 104:14