Thursday, July 19, 2012

Want The Best For Others

Do you really want the best for others? Do you rejoice in the good new of others? Are you careful to think the best and hope for the best for others? If you do, you will never say a negative word about them. You will never gossip or slander them. You won't be jealous of them or worry about being treated unfairly in anything concerning them.

This isn't an easy thing or something that comes naturally. It means denying yourself and thinking more about others than you.

It means being happy when you are single and you hear of another friend getting engaged.

It means rejoicing at the news of another pregnancy when you want to be pregnant so badly.

It means delighting in the fact that someone got a new job when you have been out of work for months.

It means teaching your children that life isn’t fair.  Maybe the grandparents treated some of their grandchildren better than your children, but you teach your children to love their grandparents anyways and never speak ill of them or the children you think they treated better.

It means being content when you are laid up in bed for months with an illness but being glad for those who have good health and praying God’s blessings upon them.

It means learning to imitate Christ to others even when you feel they don’t deserve it.

It means forgiving easily and freely the boyfriend that dumped you for another girl because you want God’s best for all of you.  You believe in God’s sovereignty with your whole heart and believe He knows what is best.

If you can answer yes to all of these statements, then you really do want what is best for others.  This is a good way to live.  Teach your children to be like Jesus from a very young age and their lives and all those who know them will be blessed.

Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory;
but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.
Philippians 2:3