Friday, March 29, 2013

Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals

Having my children set apart from the bad influences of foolish children and ungodly teachers is certainly one of the greatest blessings of homeschool.  Negative socialization and peer dependency can be almost completely eliminated by home schooling if parents stalwartly combat the invasion of their home by ungodly media and are wise in choosing outside activities and friends. 
{Helen Aardsma}

The Bible is absolutely correct, bad company does corrupt good morals.  We must choose our friends carefully and be vigilant about the friends our children are hanging around with.

The main reason we decided to homeschool our sons through junior high was to protect them for pornography.  This is the age most boys have it thrown into their faces and become addicted.  The Bible warns to flee the evil desires of youth for a reason.

Look at what is on television these days...filth.  There are no family friendly television programs anymore.  Look at what movies are playing at the theater.  Having sex with someone you just met and are attracted to is normal.  Look at the way other's dress.

Do you want your young children exposed to peers who are continually being exposed to all this garbage?  It WILL corrupt their morals no matter how much Bible you teach them for the Bible says this will happen.

Sending your children to public schooling is getting more and more risky.  Parents spend huge amounts of money going deep into debt to send their children to universities only to watch their children walk away from the faith.  Allowing them to go to sleepovers is risky.  Few people share our morals and values, even many Christians.  We walk a narrow road few are willing to walk.  However, there will always be a remnant whose hearts are fully devoted to Jesus.

Protect those precious children the Lord has blessed you with.  Seriously consider homeschooling them.  There is so much good material out there now with the Internet.  Raise a part of the remnant.  They will be happy you did when they see so many of their peers walking in rebellion and suffering the consequences.

Do no be deceived;  
Bad company corrupts good morals.  
I Corinthians 15:33

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