Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is It Too Late?

You're divorced.  You see your ex-husband quite frequently since he is still involved with the children.  From reading marriage blogs and books, you realize all the mistakes you made in marriage.  It began with you not being thankful.

Once the children came, you took him for granted.  You even began disrespecting him because he wasn't helping with the housework and the children enough.  You thought he watched too much television and you told him that often.

You started arguing with him a lot and were usually angry at him.  The wall between you grew thicker and thicker until there was just no way to tear it down so you got divorced.  Now you clearly see all the mistakes you made.  Was he perfect?  Far from it but no husband is perfect.

Is it too late?  No, as along as he hasn't gotten remarried it is not too late.  So how do you go about trying to restore your marriage?

Begin by looking nice every time you see him.  Start smiling at him and being warm and friendly to him.  Speak respectfully to him and ask him questions about his life.  Spend time in the Word every morning and write down things you are thankful for.

He will notice a peacefulness and joy about you which may start drawing him to you instead of away from you.  Never argue with him.  Start letting him be right and have his way.  

Tell him you are sorry.  Tell him you blew it in many ways and start telling him all the ways you were wrong.  Maybe even write him an apology letter, confessing all your sins against him and ask for forgiveness. One woman I mentored took her husband to the beach and wept with him as she told him how she finally saw her part in the destruction of their marriage and asked him to forgive her.

Their marriage was restored and it is better than ever now.  With God, it is never too late.  He hates divorce and if you are intent on putting your marriage back together, He is on your side.  He will fight your battle with you.  Put on His full armor every morning and go about trying to win back your man.

Your children will be so happy.  You will be so happy and your husband will be happy.  It is a win-win situation.  Then after you have won your husband back, continue being encouraged by reading marriage books and blogs.  Even be mentored by an older woman.

We are to encourage one another daily because we forget so easily.  Make sure you don't forget and continue to stoke the flames of love you have for each other.  In this way, you will have someone to grow old with.  Someone who loves your children as much as you do.  This is a very good thing.

To the married I give this charge {not I, but the Lord}: 
the wife should not separate from her husband 
{but if she does, she should remain unmarried or 
else be reconciled to her husband}, 
and the husband should not divorce his wife.
I Corinthians 7:10.11