Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teach Your Daughters To Be Homemakers

Virgina Fugate was born in 1940 when it was generally accepted that a mother's home was her workplace...No one that I knew was rich, but our mothers were still able to make meals from simple ingredients and we never went hungry. They also found ways to turn even modest houses into warm and comfortable homes. 

It was a time in our history when women understood that homemaking was much more than just cleaning a house and cooking meals. Although material possessions were few, home was where family and friends gathered for fellowship and children were trained for life. The typical American home was not rich in prosperity, but for the most part the people within it were rich in character and moral values...Modern homes may be rich in prosperity, but so many children today are poor in character...

Several generations of mothers have neglected to teach their daughters the joy of homemaking.  Therefore, the fulfillment one can receive from creating a pleasant home is virtually unknown to most modern young women
{On The Other Side Of The Garden}

Instead of having a peaceful home, stay-at-home moms are upset if their husbands, who have worked hard all week to provide for the family, don't help around the home and with the children. They grumble and complain about their husbands all the time instead of creating a home of peace and relaxation for them when they are home.

Mothers, the greatest gift you can give your future sons-in-law is to teach your daughters how to be a good wife and homemaker from the time they are young. Model to them what a submissive wife looks like by serving and pleasing your husband.

When you are cleaning, have your daughters cleaning by your side and sing a tune while you do it. When you are cooking, have them cooking with you. While you are cooking and cleaning tell them how thankful and blessed you are by having all this good food and a nice home to clean.

Let them grow up with thankful and happy hearts. Their husbands will love being married to them! Homemaking is a lost art today but we, as Christian women, need to bring it back for it is a very important job. Our society has suffered greatly for it so let's make sure our children don't suffer.

By wisdom a house is built, 
and by understanding it is established.
Proverbs 24:3