Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If Mamas Are Home, Who Will Be Nurses?

She's a working mama and has a great question concerning working mamas.  "I'm a nurse.  The truth is, most men won't do this work {only 5% of nurses are men}.  I feel called to serve God and others by nursing and being kind to my patients.  If mamas don't work, who would be the nurses?  Who would clean the poop and be gentle with the old people who have dementia?"

Children only get one mama. Children need their mamas more than the elderly. Children want to be raised by their mamas. God wants mamas home raising their children. It takes a lot of time to raise children to love Jesus, to have good manners, to be self-controlled and disciplined. This is a job for mamas.

Women who have never married make great nurses. Women who are married and haven't had children make great nurses. Women whose children are all grown up make great nurses.  There are many women who can be nurses who aren't raising children.

Childhood is fleeting. I would not have wanted to miss my babies' first smile, their first tooth, their first step, their first word, or any other of their firsts. I wouldn't want anyone else disciplining or raising my children. I gave life to them and I wanted to raise them.

If you have any possible way to raise your babies, I encourage you to do it. No one can take your place. Fathers are great but they are not mothers. Mothers have a nurturing, gentle spirit that God gave them to raise children. I loved having my mom home full-time to raise me. It was truly a gift from God.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, 
bear children, guide the house, 
give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
I Timothy 5:14