Wednesday, September 18, 2013

They Laid Down Their Swords

We saw Rebecca while we were eating breakfast.  She told me a post of mine changed their marriage.  They decided to take the Thirty Day Challenge and not argue for thirty days.   They made it five days the first time, then 39, and now they have made it 140 days!  I gave her a big hug.

She said the difference it has made in their marriage is amazing.   They have finally laid down their swords.  They honor and respect each other. They now actually like each other and truly love each other.  They enjoy being together.   These are words she wrote to me ~

When we "enter the holy of holies" in our bedroom and there is "true intimacy" {not just going through the motion of obedience}, we end our "tender time" with prayer.  I bless him and he blesses me.  I tell our Father how much I love and appreciate my husband and all of his good qualities as a father and husband and he tells our Father how much he appreciates me, loves me and is thankful that God sent me to him as his "gift"!  It's like the "anointing of our hearts" with God's love!  Beautiful and real.  No more faking, pretending, or harboring resentment.  No more negative words poisoning my mind and stealing my passion anymore!  My husband loves the new me and vice versa!

They just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary in June.  Learning to live at peace with your spouse is life changing.  This is why God commands that we seek peace, actually pursue it.  He wants peace among the brethren, especially in a marriage since we model Christ and the church.

Please don't wait until you've been married 36 years to stop arguing.  Make a commitment today to stop and with God's power, you can accomplish it.  Rebecca told us it only takes 40 days to make a new habit.  It took them three times and the third time was the charm.  They were persistent, refused to give up, and now are experiencing the wonderful blessing of doing marriage God's way.  It is never too late!

 Blessed are the peacemakers, 
for they shall be called sons of God.
Matthew 5:9