Thursday, September 5, 2013

She Gets The Beauty Of Biblical Submission

In my post  Are Most Men Pigs When It Comes To Sex?, I write about most men's desire to have sex on vacation.  Candi's comment caught my eye.  Once your heart has been softened to God's way of living, things become so clear all of a sudden.  You understand what biblical submission looks like and you realize the beauty of it.  God only creates beauty and the world wants to make it look like something ugly.

Here are her words exactly since I thought she did a great job explaining the beauty of submission, even when it comes to having sex on vacation ~ 

Well, in a situation like this {where one spouse wants more sex than the other},  someone HAS to make the final decision.  Either the spouse who wants sex {by the way, it is NOT always the man who wants it when the wife doesn't} gets it or they don't.  So, mutual respect is all fine and good, but who gets the final say?  We still have to come to a decision.

God solved that dilemma by commanding us wives to obey our husbands - discussion over.  But we can TOTALLY circumnavigate the entire crisis by DECIDING to want what he wants.  Yes, you absolutely can decide to change what you want and what makes you happy.

We do it all the time for our children, our parents, our friends.  For their sake's we go to events we don't really want to, we eat foods we don't like, we put up with interruptions gladly because we cherish them more than we do ourselves.  Why not for the ONLY human being on earth that we have been made into ONE with?

I PROMISE you, if you truly do not want sex, but you want to bring joy and fulfillment to him more than anything else, you will be blessed.  Forget about your cold, or headache, or lack of sleep {just like you would if your child needed you, or your mom stopped by, or your best friend called and needed to talk}.  Invest 20-30 selfless minutes into your marriage and your husband, and know that you stand to gain as much or more out of the whole sex experience as he does {physically and emotionally} if you will just look at it the right way!

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Matthew 23:11