Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Clear Negatives of Mothers Leaving the Home

Women use to give me a hard time whenever I wrote a submission. I am not getting as many arguments about that anymore. However, I still get quite a bit of controversy whenever I write about women being keepers at home. For some reason, that is a HUGE hot button for many women.

During one of my posts and women not agreeing with what I had written, I found an interesting post written by Forbes Magazine, a non-biblical magazine. They have no vested interest in women working or not. They point out the gains women have made and the losses. The losses, to me, are so devastating that they negate any positives of women leaving their homes for work. What has suffered the most is the family, the backbone of any society. How can any gains be considered gains when the family loses?

Here are two paragraphs about the negatives about women working ~

Less time for mothers to spend with children due to their work schedules: There are definite downsides to women working. For example, mothers working full-time means they have busier schedules and less time to spend with children. "One third of all school age children in the Unites States are, for some part of the week, latch key kids; that is, they go to an empty house or apartment." As The Economist article warns, "Even well-off parents worry that they spend too little time with their children, thanks to crowded schedules and the ever-buzzing Blackberry."

Increased stress levels and changing roles: Harper and Leicht {Exploring Social Change: America and the World, 2007, p. 91} state, "The most pressing problem of dual-income families is not money, but the problem of managing 'ragged' family schedules and adjusting husband/wife roles." Women are currently juggling full-time careers, managing household chores and child rearing duties, as well as taking care of aging parents, thus greatly increasing their level of daily stress compare to women of previous generations. Family relationships have been shifting in dual-income families from patriarchal authority and "from fixed 'role scripts' toward more flexible 'role negotiation'" and egalitarian relationships.

And how is this all working??? Divorce is at an all time high. Depression an all time high. Suicide at an all time high. Broken family, broken marriages, and broken lives. No thank you. I will stick to teaching God's Word and His ways. He wants women keeping and guiding the home, guarding and protecting it from the Enemy. No, He doesn't say, "Women can not work outside of the home," but He makes His intentions very clear to us and what He wants from us. Plus, the consequences of straying from His will are extremely clear as stated in the article above.

Older women teach younger women to be...keepers at home.
Titus 2:3-5

HERE is an article from celebrity moms stating that working 
outside the home is hard on the family.