Friday, August 1, 2014

Can You Have a Joyful Marriage Being Unequally Yoked?

Once in a while, one of the women who comment on my posts will blow me away with their powerful testimony of loving their husband through difficult times. When I wrote What Happened To Cooking For Your Family?, a reader asked this question ~  

I wonder if there's an underlying emotional problem hindering many of us from caring enough to cook? I want to cook but it's not in me to cook often, and it was never an issue before {married 20+ years}. When I worked, I somehow made the time to cook. I don't work now but the marriage situation is pathetic, unfortunately {unequally yoked}. Could it be that women who happily cook for their husbands are happily married? I definitely would appreciate all the prayers I can get.  

One woman responded to this plea this way ~

I am unequally yoked myself. Wow did God have his work cut for this lady. Lol. Still working. ;) There are two books I want to encourage you to read: 1) Beloved Unbeliever and 2) Created To Be His Help Meet. Read them in that order.

The first one prepares your heart for the second one. The second one is a buttkicker, but it has changed my life. I am still working on applying things as we speak actually but it has changed my heart and my spirit in ways I can't describe!!! To the point that when we hit a pretty low low in the last year when I asked God for the words to explain my heart, I told my hubby {after he was accusing me of being unhappy with him being an unbeliever and telling me I wanted to leave, even though it was not true} that if he never comes to Christ I'm not going anywhere. That I love him and will be happy with him till the day I die.

That there was no catch. That I will choose joy no matter what choice he makes. The best part? I actually believed what I said. For years, I have tucked in my heart "when he comes to love the Lord..." But I finally gave in 100% to God and said no matter whatever he does I choose to love him. Not thinking one more thought about "how it will be one day..." 

I have come a long ways from the wife that was gonna wrestle her husband to God and make him love Jesus. All I can do is love him and yes, make dinner for him and do his laundry and that actually may be the very thing that wins him over, even if I don't live to see the day he does. Love  to you sister. The road is long and weary but we can keep going because we have Jesus!!! He will love us well!!!

She now lives I Peter 3:1-2, "Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation {lifestyle} of the wives; While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear." She will reap beautiful fruit from the choices she is making by loving and serving her husband simply because the Lord commands her to and His ways are always best.