Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Judging Other Mothers' Choices

There was recently a YouTube video going around Facebook that had a bunch of mothers holding up messages on cardboard signs. One mother came out and it said, "I nurse my babies." The next one said, "I gave my babies formula." Another one, "I homeschool my children." Then, "My children go to public school." "I work full-time." "I am a stay at home mom." The list went on and on. The message was that we all need to accept each other with their decisions and not judge.

This is true. We are not to judge choices that are not sin issues, which some may or may not be. This is a free country and we are all allowed to raise our children the way that we want.  However, it doesn't mean that women like me, who teach other women, shouldn't express our opinions and teach what we believe is best for women and their children. God's Word even has some things to say about some of these choices. This has nothing to do with judging others, but everything to do with teaching others what I believe to be the best for children. Older women are commanded to teach young women to love their children and loving them is doing what is best for them, not what is convenient nor what everyone else seems to be doing. I try very hard to base the majority of my teachings on God's Word, wisdom and what has worked for me.

Breast milk is FAR superior for babies than formula and everyone knows this to be true. Some women literally cannot nurse, so thankfully, we have formula. However, in the olden days, there were wet nurses to nurse those babies whose mothers couldn't produce milk. Today, some women who can't nurse their babies are even buying other women's breast milk since it is so much healthier. I think there are way too many women not nursing their babies because of selfish reasons; they want to sleep and have dad give the baby a bottle, it ties mothers down to their babies, it is painful for most at first, etc. I encourage you mothers, if at all possible, nurse your babies for at least a year!

You all know how I feel about public schooling. You would have to be blind to see how much it has deteriorated in the past 30 years and how many children raised in Christian homes are walking away from the Lord.  We are called to raise our children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord, not in some institution that is completely anti-God, filled with false teaching, and evil influences.

You also know how I feel about mothers working outside of the home. Everyone should understand the value of mothers raising their children and that no one can take their place. God calls mothers to be keepers at home.

How about the food we feed our children? Ask yourself ~ What food was created by God to feed our children? Aren't we temples of the living God and shouldn't we treat our bodies as such in everything? I read all the ingredients of everything I eat {which is why I eat very few things in a can or box}. I also read the movie reviews of any movie I am thinking about seeing. I choose not to put junk in my mind or body. You should think about this also. God gave us a brain and intelligence for a reason. 

Yes, if you don't nurse your baby, send your children to public school, work full-time, and feed them a lot of junk, I will still love you and assure you that these choices have NOTHING whatsoever to do with your eternal salvation! But it may have to do with your eternal rewards as God has entrusted to you His precious children to raise them well and give the right foundation for life and godliness at an early age. Jesus will ask us what we did with the talents he entrusted to us, and will probably name them by name: Alyssa, Ryan, Steven, and what about Cassi?  Did we bury or ignore our precious gifts of wealth from God? Or did we give them EVERY chance of becoming healthy and wise children of God who are growing up into Christ Jesus, and in turn raising the next generation of godly offspring?

However, I just want to encourage all of you to seek the Word of God and wisdom for your answers. If clear answers are not found in His Word, pray about it, seek wise counsel, and try to do things that are in the best interest of your children and their long term physical, mental, and emotional health even if it is the more difficult path. It is a sacrifice that is well worth making!

Can a woman forget her nursing child 
And have no compassion on the son of her womb? 
Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.
Isaiah 49:15