Friday, June 17, 2016

If He Had an Affair = Divorce?

When I was young, I was sure I would divorce Ken if he ever had an affair. Now, I know what a HUGE mistake it would have been.

1. Bitterness defiles many and bitterness is always deeply embedded in divorced couples. This bitterness would have defiled my children too. {Hebrews 12:15} We are commanded to forgive others 70 X 7 times and I would have failed to do this with him.

2. Our children wouldn't have grown up with a mother and father in the same home. They would have been shuffled between his house and my house. There would have been no "home" for my children.

3. I would have failed to "bear all things, endure all things" and many other commands from 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter.

4. I would have torn asunder our one flesh marriage and failed to win him without a word with a meek and quiet spirit {1 Peter 3:1-6}. This is what God's solution is for wives with disobedient husbands.

5. I would have missed the blessings of growing older with him, enjoying family gatherings, and celebrating thirty five years of marriage to one man! I would have missed the empty nest with him and being able to enjoy our lives together instead of being alone.

6. I probably wouldn't have four secure, joyful children who are very happily married and all walking in Truth.

7. I would have had to get a job, leave my home, and have all the exhaustion that comes from this besides having others raise my children. 

It would have been terrible! Thankfully, he has never had an affair but I have seen too many women restore their marriages to their disobedient husbands and be so thankful that they did. They are bearing fruit for being a vow keeper even when it was very difficult and heartbreaking. God doesn't say our lives will be easy down here but if we do things His way, we will reap His wonderful blessings.

I wouldn't have this amazing photo with two little ones who are making an appearance VERY soon!

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 
Love NEVER fails.