Saturday, June 11, 2016

The "Simple" Life of Pioneers

The Pioneer Quest is about two couples who live like Pioneers did in 1870s. They lived like this up in Canada for an entire year. There are nine seasons to the show and it is free if you have Amazon Prime. It's fascinating and I was spellbound. There were many positives and negatives about living during this time and I am going to share my thoughts with you.

Positives of living back then ~

No possible way for pornography addictions! There were no iPhones, televisions, magazines, or Internet access. There were no filthy movies or television shows. There was no immodesty since the women wore long dresses. {They did wear very baggy pants sometimes in the show when it was very muddy out from the record rainfall. One of the men did jump in the pond naked but you only saw his backside. I am giving you this warning if you see this with your children and they talk about sex a little bit.}

Hard work. They worked hard all day long, were in great shape, and slept "like a log!" There was no time to sit around, especially in the spring, summer, and fall when they were preparing food, shelter, and cutting enough wood for the cold winter. They had to dig their own well, build their own homes, till the land, plant, cut the fire wood, can, etc. Their lives depended upon hard work. 

Relationships. Since they didn't have the technology we have, their entertainment was simply each other. They worked hard together, ate together, sewed, cooked, seeded, canned, etc. together. It developed a closeness that few of us will ever experience. They enjoyed being with their spouses almost full-time. During the winter, they would sing together, make homemade presents, and read a lot.

Clear division of labor. There was an older, Christian woman and a younger, more feminist woman. In the beginning the younger woman said something like, "I hate cooking and cleaning clothes and yet, this is all I do since I'm not strong enough to do the hard labor that the guys do." The men's strength compared to the women's strength is very noticeable and there was a clear division of labor. Sometimes, the women would help the men, but the men did the heavy lifting.

The dependence upon the Lord. They had to depend upon the Lord for their food, for strength, and for their protection. One of the couples were Christians who prayed before meals, went to church, and lived like Christians for the most part. The younger man learned to pray "in Jesus' name" from the older couple's example.

Peacefulness. It was so quiet, especially in the winter. There was no loud noise pollution like we have today. While they worked so hard during the warmer months and rested during the winter without radios blaring and televisions, they had a lot of time to think, pray, and speak with their neighbor. There was much less stress. Yes, they went through hard times, but it was hard physical work which is much healthier for bodies and relationships than the mental stress that people suffer from today. {Remember, it was God who created the first man in the garden to work.}

Innocence. They didn't know about all the horrible things happening and the evil that is perpetuating in our world today. They literally were in their own little world. I'm not sure we need to know about all the evil in our world today. It's way too big of a burden that God never meant for us to try to carry.

Negatives about living back then ~

Medical care. We have great medical care today. Many of us would be dead today without it. Even during the filming of this show, the Christian man needed medical intervention three times. The true Pioneers may have died if they didn't know that their well was full of e-coli. {Maybe there wouldn't have been e-coli in the water back then. I don't know.}

Supermarkets. We can easily get all of the food we want. We have variety, don't have to worry about going hungry, and it is convenient.

Environment. They were bit by many mosquitoes and tics. There was not much protection from the bugs during the spring and summer months when all of their work was outside. It was difficult to stay warm in the winter, but they did a fairly good job considering it got to 32 below zero!

Technology. We have cars, trains, and automobiles to take us wherever we want to go quickly, even across the world. We flip a switch on and have heaters to heat our homes and water. We turn on the faucet and have water to drink that won't give us diarrhea. We have warm, comfortable beds, furniture, toilets, toilet paper, sewers, electricity, and I could go on and on about this but you get the picture! {These were all created by men's hard work, ingenuity, and strength, thankfully. Men are great for many reasons!}We are very blessed. This alone should cause us to always be thankful, yet it fails in comparison to what Christ accomplished for us on the cross.

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, 
and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.
1 Thessalonians 4:11