Sunday, June 26, 2016

Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

Have you ever tasted the Lord's ways or are you in rebellion to them? They may sound detestable to you, but they are the best, since our Creator gave us instructions for living. Yes, I know not everyone thinks they can live God's ideal, but never forget that with God nothing is impossible!

One woman stumbled upon my blog and left this comment on a keeper at home post ~ "I've been on both sides and this is true. I was in the army when I had my first child; having to pull a twenty four hour shift while breastfeeding a newborn lead me into depression really fast. I ended up begging to get out ASAP. It took four months but they finally let me out. I was up for promotion also, but let it go to become a homemaker. We've tried having my husband staying home with her, daycare, my mom watching her and it all still left me feeling empty and guilty. I post about this on my Facebook page and get a lot of backlash for it, but its okay. That's to be expected when you're speaking truth. But there is NO way I'd trade being home and teaching my kids about God to ever working outside of my home again. It feels amazing to taste and see that the Lord is good and to walk in his perfect will for my life."

Our Senate just passed a bill that would require women to register for the draft. We might sum this up as the end result of feminism. They want to be "equal" to men in every way and all women have to suffer because of this unattainable goal. I seriously doubt many women want to fight in wars. It's not in our makeup. We are the weaker sex and don't have the drive in our bellies to protect, like the Lord made men to be protectors. Most women would hate seeing the horrible events in war. It's hard enough on the men. Why would women want to see this? If a robber came into a family's home, it would be the father who would go do anything he could to protect the family. The mother would be huddled in a closet with her children. This is how it would happen with the majority of intact families today, but feminists don't like this.

Another thing, women are more depressed than ever before and it is only getting worse. Of course, many things contribute to this but I believe a large part of it is women are just not emotionally created to handle the stress of working outside of the home like men are. Women were created by our Creator to be keepers at home. Even women who are married without children have written to me and would love to simply come home, but either their husbands don't want them to or they fear the reaction of coming home and "doing nothing." It takes plenty of work and time to run a home and take care of a husband. There are also many other ministries they can become involved with, such as helping the poor, the sick and the elderly. 

Finally, concerning this woman's comment, babies need their mothers. Breast milk is the best food for babies with the most nutrition. It is only the mother who can provide this. Mothers have a better chance of having a healthy milk supply, if they are home and not stressed out from a career and it is ideal to nurse at least a year. They also have the time to make nutritious food for themselves. In order to have healthy milk, they must eat healthy. 

Contrary to what many have said about what I write {medieval, 1950s, sexist, etc.}, it is the best way for women to live; exactly the way God created them to live! If your family needs to earn income somehow {divorced, widowed, single}, pray and ask the Lord to make a way for you to earn income from home. He owns everything and nothing is too hard for Him.

With men this is impossible; 
but with God all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26