Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quinoa, Vegetable, and Chicken Soup

With the weather being cooler, I love to have soup every day.  The key to a great soup is to make a good chicken stock.  I use the skin, bones, and juices of my roasted chicken to make an incredible broth.  The next key is to chop up a whole onion and saute it for awhile in a half a stick of butter and a quarter cup of olive oil.  Let the onion become a little caramelized.

When the onion is nice and light brown, saute a few garlic cloves for several minutes.  Then pour in about 6 cups of chicken stock.  Heat that up and chop up any vegetables you have on hand.  I usually peel and chop of a potato and yam.  Then I rinse off a half cup of quinoa and put that in. Quinoa is a very healthy grain.  It is easy to digest and tastes fabulous!

I bring that to a boil, turn it to simmer, and simmer 30 minutes. Season it with a couple of teaspoons of sea salt. a teaspoon of curry, a teaspoon of turmeric,  a teaspoon of pepper, and a half a teaspoon of cumin or any other seasonings you like.  Then I add several cups of chopped up cabbage and organic frozen vegetables.  You can add any vegetables you like.  Then I chop up several cups of chicken and cook for about ten minutes. 

Then start tasting it and add more salt until it tastes perfect for you.  I like lots of salt.  I usually add some cayenne pepper also.  This is the best soup!!!  With the gelatin from the stock, it makes a very healthy meal.  Enjoy!