Friday, March 9, 2012

Does Milk Do A Body Good?

We didn't raise our children on any dairy products.  My mom taught me that cow's milk is for baby cows that grow up to weigh a ton.  It is far too concentrated protein for the human being who only grows up to weigh around 150 pounds or so.  No animal in the wild continues to drink milk after it is weaned.

Cow's milk has been linked to many diseases.  If is not organic, it is full of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.  It is very mucous forming.  My children never had green snot coming out of their noses growing up.  They didn't have allergies or asthma, either.  I think dairy contributes to all of those.

Milk is also very constipating.  If you are always congested or constipated and getting sinus and ear infections, try giving up dairy products and see if that doesn't help a lot.  My mom use to get bronchitis so badly that she would cough for months.  She no longer gets it since she gave up all dairy.

We have always heard that you need milk to grow up to be strong.  Cows are big and strong and what do they live on?  Grass.  When I was nursing my babies, I produced a lot of milk.  Ken always told people it was because I ate a lot of grass {salads}!  If you can't produce milk, consider giving your babies' goat's milk since the protein content is similar to human milk. I had a bone scan a few years ago and my bones are in great shape. I have never drank milk!

Here is a good website called not milk if you are interested in learning more about it.  The only time I use milk is when I make my kefir.  We also eat hard cheeses that have been aged a long time, grass fed butter and ghee.  Dr. Marshall says those are the only beneficial ways to consume dairy products.  The milk becomes easily digestible when it is turned into a live food such as kefir that is filled with beneficial probiotics or aged. 

 I would suggest staying FAR away from soy products, because they are filled with estrogen {which boys and men don't need} and are usually GMO.  Coconut milk is a great alternative also.  You can find yummy treats made with these ingredients in the health food store.

Now since writing this, many of you have written me and said that raw, organic milk from grass fed cows is good for you.  You may be right.  At least, I know it is a lot better than the homogenized milk they sell in the stores. I just know that I can't tolerate any dairy products except butter and ghee. Thankfully, since I LOVE butter!

And you shall have goats' milk enough for your food, 
for the food of your household, 
and for the maintenance for your maidens.
Proverbs 27:27