Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stepford Wives

Her husband is afraid if she does what Debi Pearl teaches, she will become a Stepford Wife {the kind that is a perfect wife with no emotion or feelings}.

She worries that if she does what Debi Pearl teaches, it may not be genuine.

No worries...she will never be perfect!  She will blow it occasionally...a lot at first probably, but as she practices loving, serving, and pleasing her husband, it will get easier.  It is retraining yourself and your habits. 

She will be renewing her mind with God's truth.  She will still have her personality and opinions.  She just won't have to always be right and she will stop arguing with him.  How can a husband not love a wife that wants to please him and serve him?  He probably has never experienced that, so it may scare him.  I am sure he will change his mind as he falls madly in love with his wife.

On the matter of her actions being genuine, I don't think she needs to concern herself with that.  If we always acted upon our feelings, we would be a mess.  Our actions need to dictate our feelings, not our feelings dictating our actions.  Continue doing what is right and most likely feelings will follow.

She has a teachable spirit.  She is ready to do it right.  She is open to learn.  I predict she will have a great marriage someday.  A teachable spirit that wants to obey God is a powerful tool God can use to accomplish His will.

May God bless her abundantly as she learns to love, please, and serve her husband.

And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another...
I Thessalonians 3:12