Monday, October 24, 2011

Yep, He Adores Her!

Yes, I write about Alyssa and Jon a lot, but I have had many of you tell me how much you enjoy learning from my married children...

Alyssa believes Jon is such a great husband because he had an incredible example in his dad.  He also listens to Mark Driscoll a lot.  Mark is always encouraging men to stand up and be men.

Jon's mother, Lynette {I wrote a post about her awhile ago} is amazing.  She has that easy-going personality that everybody likes.  She never argues or demands her way.  She is easy to be married to.

Ken and I were discussing the men we know that say that as long as the husband loves the wife as he should, they will have a great marriage.  Every single man that has said that to us is married to a Lynette type.

Alyssa said Jon treats her so well.  He still is crazy about her.  The sparks are still flying.  When she is in a bad mood and stays in bed in the morning instead of fixing him breakfast, he comes and kisses her all over her face and tells her she's beautiful.

I told her she has earned his adoration.  If she nagged, manipulated, and tried to control Jon like many wives do, I am sure Jon would not be so crazy in love with her.  He doesn't mind her emotional ups and downs, because he knows that her heart is for him.  She wants to please him.

She fails at times, so do I.  However, our husbands know that we want to do them good, not evil {Proverbs 31:12} and be a crown to them {Proverbs 12:4}.  We are learning to accept them just the way they are and love them that way.

So in my experience of mentoring, the women who are golden retrievers {like Lynette} know how to do marriage right, right from the start.  The rest of us {like Alyssa and I} needed to learn how to do it right.  But guess what, we learned!

Everything is possible with God!

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Phillipians 4:13