Friday, October 14, 2011

The Red Rose

She went to her car this morning and there on her car was a red rose and a love letter from her husband.

Just three weeks ago, I started mentoring her. I just wrote Stepford Wives about her. This is a second marriage for both of them. God told her to marry him over four years ago.

The first time I met to mentor her, I asked her to name his good qualities. She couldn't think of many. She said that if she divorced him, she would never marry again. {In other words, she was thinking about divorce.}

There weren't any sparks in their marriage. They knew they were suppose to stay together because they were Christians. He was a bit afraid of long-term commitments. I didn't sense much commitment from either of them.

We meet once a week. We read a chapter a week of Debi's book. She hated Chapter Two.  She threw the book down...Yuck! It is about trying to win back a husband that is cheating on  you. That night she watched a movie ~ The Grass Is Greener. Cary Grant is the star in it.

His wife was cheating on him. He was a religious man in the movie. He read his Bible a lot.  He was very angry at first, but by the end of the movie, he won his wife back to him "without a word."

God used a movie to speak to her. God's Word is true! He proves Himself over and over again if you listen.

She started applying the principles to her marriage...being joyful, asking how she can please him, and trying to be the wife God has called her to be.

It's working...She let me read the love letter he wrote to her expressing his love and commitment to her. I cried. She had tears in her eyes.   think I sense sparks in their relationship. She's starting to really love her husband.

Another testimony to God's ways. As a friend just emailed me, she hated Debi's book at first.  She started implementing 10% of it. Her husband knew something was different and he liked it. She now likes the book.She calls her husband her best friend. 

I love seeing God work miracles in marriages when women start obeying God.

I found him whom my soul loves:
I held him, and would not let him go. 
Song of Solomon 3:4