Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Women Think They Are Superior

Most of us do...That is why most wives are always angry and upset with their husbands.  We know better than our husbands.  We think that because they have a strong sex drive, it makes them less superior to us. 

We have much more control over our sex drive.  We are more in tune with our emotions and feelings.  This is another reason we are superior to them. 

Let me in on a little secret...We are NOT superior to our husbands.  Just our critical spirit makes us wrong.  Our thinking we are better than them makes us wrong. 

Who said being more in tuned with our feelings and emotions makes us better?  I don't read that anywhere in the Bible.  Behavior is much more important than feelings and emotions.  Behavior is something you can control.

A husband called the Dennis Prager radio program today and said that there is no peace in his home.  His wife wants control.  All he wants is peace and quiet and no more arguing. 

Another woman called and said that she has four young children.  When her husband comes home, she runs and hugs him and tells her children, "We have all this because your daddy works so hard." 

Whose home would you rather live in?  Men need to feel respected and appreciated by their wives.  This husband whose wife praises him in front of the children is a happy husband.  The other one is miserable.  How would you describe your husband...happy or miserable???

 The wife must respect her husband. 
Ephesians 5:33