Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Notebook

My parents are in their eighties.  They celebrate their 60th anniversary this June.  They watched The Notebook together the other night.  They hardly  ever watch movies together.  They were both crying at the end.  My dad said that the movie reminded him of his relationship with my mom...

My parents married young.  My mom knew he was a good man who loved Jesus.  He worked hard and was preparing to be a doctor.  He was an only child.  She was one of seven.  He was a loner.  She loved a party.  He loved his projects.  She loved people.  He saved money.  She spent money.

They argued a lot while I was growing up.   I even thought, at one point, they would get divorced.  No, they were in it for life even though they didn't enjoy doing the same things or being together much.

My mom is the one who gave me Created To Be His Help Meet over eight years ago.  She read it also.  Their marriage improved.  {It is never too late!}  They are enjoying each other now.  She is so glad they stuck it out.  Growing old with someone that you have had children with and lived life with is a beautiful thing.

I am not sure I could compare their lives with those of the couple in The Notebook.  Their love story wasn't so passionate, but I think they may end up the same....By each other's side supporting each other until the day that they die.

Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. 
Proverbs 5:18