Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women Pastors Revisited

On my post entitled Women Preachers I had over 100 comments.  It was definitely my most commented on post.  The reasons most thought women should be preachers were ~

They love their women pastors.

There were a lot of women in leadership positions in the Bible.

God loves women and they should get to be pastors.

Not one person who commented could give me one verse that said women could be a preacher in a church, being a leader and teacher over men.  This is what the Bible specifically prohibits.  It allows a lot of room for women to be in ministry and play a huge role in the church.  But God doesn't want women in leadership positions in the church over men.

Debi Pearl gives a lot of good arguments why she believes this is the way God commands this ~

As a general rule, man is ruled more by his mind than the female, who is governed more by her sensibilities.  God designed the woman to be sensitive and vulnerable for the sake of the little ones whom she must nurture. 

Vulnerability is a woman's greatest natural asset and the point of her greatest weakness.  We ladies are more inclined to trust in our feelings and intuition than men, which makes us more subject to deception. 

For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
{I Timothy 2:13,14}

Experience proves that women are prone to claim God as their authority, when God had nothing at all to do with their "leading."  When a woman steps outside her divinely ordained nature and assumes the dominant role, she will soon become emotionally and physically exhausted, and dangerous.

My church doesn't allow women preachers and I am very thankful.  We have incredible women teachers that teach women and children, however.  They are great Bible teachers and wonderful women of God.  However, I love that men are the ones in charge of my church as a whole.  This doesn't offend me in the least or make me think that I have less value.  Our pastors love and respect women.  They are great men and great leaders.