Friday, June 1, 2012

Rising Incidences Of Asthma

Babies born via Cesarean section, who experience a more sterile entry into the world than those born vaginally, are more likely to get asthma. So are young children treated with many courses of antibiotics. Along with animal studies, these observations suggest that the balance of bacteria and other microbes help guide immune development---and that when the balance is disrupted, disease may follow Science Magazine

Its all about bacteria---the good kind. When babies are born vaginally, their gut and lungs get the good bacteria {flora} existing in the vagina. This good bacteria makes for a strong immune system which helps keep things like asthma at bay.

More children than ever before are now in institutions; day care, pre-school, public school, etc. These children are exposed to high levels of sickness which is then "fixed" by antibiotics. All of these antibiotics mess up the natural flora in the body. This in turn messes up the immune system, which in turn makes these children more susceptible to things like asthma and allergies.
{Helen Aardsma}

Doctors say there is no cure for allergies and asthma. They just treat the symptoms and tell you to stay away from what you're allergic to. All drugs are toxic and only should be used sparingly since they don't heal.  When I was growing up, I didn't know anybody with allergies or asthma.  No one was allergic to our cats.  Now it seems almost everybody is. Something is wrong! 

When I was raising children, children who were immunized received six shots before kindergarten, now it is forty nine by the time they are six!  Antibiotics are given routinely for almost anything that ails you. Drugs are given for every ache and pain. People live on dead, processed food.  No wonder so many people battle with health problems.

Dr. Marshall also agrees that asthma and allergies are from problems in the large intestine.  He has been able to cure every single case of asthma that he has been given. He works on improving digestion {with HCL and kefir} and getting your system more alkaline. He also helps boost the adrenal glands by taking at least one teaspoon of air dried sea salt a day {salting your food more}, sleeping five and a half hours straight without raising your head from the pillow, rinsing your nose and throat with salt water every day and taking B vitamins. Also, getting off all sugar and processed food is extremely important.

He believes your body can heal itself of almost any disease given the right nutrition, not all, but most. I believe him. Keep searching until you find your answers. Ask God for wisdom.  Never give up!

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: 
teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.
Proverbs 9:9