Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marry A Generous Servant

Marry someone who is generous and a servant and you will have a good marriage, but only if you are generous and a servant.  When Ken married me, I was selfish and not a servant at all.  I wanted him to be generous with me and serve me, then I might be happy, so I thought.

Thankfully, God working mightily within me has taught me that being generous and a servant is what brings happiness.

My two married children married spouses that are generous and serve others.  They are blessed and very happy.  No, they aren't perfect and I hope you never think any of us are perfect because we are not.  I will not ever use this blog, however, to speak negatively about anyone unless they are anonymous. But Jon and Erin are amazing!  Alyssa and Ryan are so blessed that God brought Jon and Erin into their lives.

Jon bought a brand new truck when he lived with us.  Anyone that needed to borrow his nice, new, shiny truck, he let borrow it.  If someone needed help moving, he helped them move.  When Cassi got in an accident and smashed our car an hour away, he drove up to get her.  He is generous with his time and money.

Erin makes every one's birthday special.  She brings balloons and presents and makes yummy desserts.  She did the flowers for Alyssa and Jon's wedding three weeks after having Emma and did an incredible job.  She is sensitive to others, kind, and giving and makes Ryan one happy man.

They both came from strong, Christian families who are generous and are servants for the Lord Jesus.  They were given powerful role models growing up.  I thank God for them.  They all have deep roots in Jesus.  They are oak trees!

Thankfully, God has the power to change anyone.  {God, not you!}  All it takes is to confess your sins, acknowledge them, and get them out in the open.  Ask God to help you become generous and to love serving others.  He is faithful to accomplish what He asks of us.  So work on becoming generous and serving others.  Your life will never be the same.

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Matthew 23:11

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