Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Calling All Mothers Of Sons

How do you want your son's wife or future wife to treat your son?  Don't you want her to take good care of your son?  Don't you want her to feed him healthy, make him happy, not try to manipulate and change him, accept him the way that he is and love him forever???

Are you the kind of wife to your husband that you want your son's wife to be to him?  If you have sons, you love them.  I adore my sons.  Most moms adore their sons.  Well guess what...Your husband has a mother or had a mother that feels the same way.

She bore your husband and loved him.  She took care of him and tried making him happy. {Hopefully, he had a good mother.  There are some bad mothers out there but most mothers love their sons.}

So if you want your son to have a wonderful, warm and loving wife, why don't you be the same with your mother-in-law's son?  I think it is easy to forget that your husband was deeply loved and cared for by his mother.  Are the you the wife to her son that she prayed for?

Yes, I know he is not perfect but neither are you and neither are your sons if you have them.  Nobody is perfect.  If you wait until he is perfect, you'll never love and care for him like you are called to do.  No mother has raised a perfect son and you will not raise perfect sons.

Start accepting that your husband will never be perfect and love him just the way that he is now.  Love him like you want your son's wife to love your son.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another,
because love covers a multitude of sin.
I Peter 4:8

This is another picture taken in Door County of my sons and nephew, Gregory.