Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sow Like Crazy

Today--sow. Sow like crazy.

Sow good tips to servers at restaurants or to delivery people or those paid to help.  Sow to good, quality charities. Sow and give generously.

Sow offerings. Sow tithes. Sow a plate of cookies for your neighbors. Sow a meal for friends in your home. Sow snail mail thank-you cards to people who've blessed you. Sow encouraging Facebook or blog posts or emails or ecards or kind words spoken in person.

Sow prayers for strangers. Sow smiles in your supermarket. Sow plants from your garden or sow a ride for someone to downtown or to church. Sow a coffee date with a friend or a movie or a garden walk. Sow an online gift in the mail or a rescued cat or an offer to teach or paint or pack for free.
Sow a favorite YouTube video, song or sermon. Sow birdseed to wild birds. Sow a lovely painting or book.
Sow, sow, sow and you will reap, reap, reap,
especially later in hard times when you are in need:

At this present time your abundance being a supply for their need,
so that their abundance also may become a supply for your need,
that there may be equality.
2 Corinthians 8:14
Some people sit in their homes and expect blessings to race up to their doors and knock.  But that's like looking out your window for a whole summer expecting a vegetable garden to spring up gloriously when you've not planted any seeds.
Plant first. Sow first. Then you will reap whatever you need in the future.
What is the best thing of all to sow?  Sow a close, wonderful friendship with Jesus. Do that and you'll be plugged into the One who knows how to meet every single need you'll ever have upon this Earth.  He is the One who cares about you more than anybody else ever will.  The One who wants to become your everything.

These words were written by a wonderful woman named Debra.  You can check out her blog here ~
As I See It Now

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