Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ministering To Your Family

Society tells us that women should not aspire to be just homemakers.  Churches even give this message to women.  Young women feel ashamed if they say that all they want to be are wives and mothers.  God tells you that being a keeper at home is a good thing.   If you are a wife and mother, being a keeper at home is your ministry ~

When you make love to your husband, 
you are ministering to him.

When you change your baby's diaper, 
you are ministering to your baby.

When you are awake all night rocking a sick child,
you are ministering to that precious child.

When you spend time shopping for healthy ingredients
and preparing healthy food,
 you are ministering to your family.

When you keep your home clean and tidy,
you are ministering to your family.

When you minister to your husband, to your baby, to your children, and to your family, you are wiping Jesus' feet with your life.  You are serving Jesus.  Never feel like your job is unworthy.  Don't think you need to get out of your home and serve others when you have small children at home that keep you busy.  They are your ministry. 

Enjoy your children and your husband.  Enjoy your home and taking care of it.  Enjoy cooking healthy meals for your family.  Praise God for all that He has blessed you with.  For He is very good.  Very, very good and worthy of all our praise.

Every wise woman builds her house:
but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

A picture of my mom {with Alyssa} who always serves her family with joy!