Monday, August 8, 2016

Am I A Hypocrite?

Someone commented on a post about frugality the other day that I am a hypocrite because I drive a Mercedes? I wouldn’t usually publish these types of comments since I receive other comments like this that are trying to prove I am a hypocrite and fail to practice what I teach. The only Mercedes I drive is a 1984 diesel with over 300,000 miles that was given to my daughter years ago for her graduation present by my parents. It only had over 250,000 miles when she received it, so it was probably worth a thousand dollars back then. However, some have asked us if they could buy it recently since it is almost becoming an antique. Maybe now we can get three thousand dollars for it! :)

Yes, this was a silly comment and had no basis in reality but are we hypocrites? Do Ken and I practice what we teach? I can tell you that we are most definitely not perfect but it always bothers me when writers, preachers, and teachers say this since everyone knows that no one is perfect but Jesus. However, I said it for those of you who think we think we are but we do fail. All I can say is we are a lot better than we used to be and we do the best we can to live what we teach.

Do I always respect Ken? No, but he will call me on it when I don’t. I will take his rebuke, and learn from it. He does the same with me. When others rebuke or exhort us, we take what they say to heart and decide whether or not they speak truth to us. I will never have a personality that everyone likes just as most of you won’t either. I have heard that there are ten percent of people out there that won’t like any of us for one reason or another. It usually has to do with the clashing of personalities. Most people love the Golden Retriever types who go with the flow, are peacemakers, and love people just the way they are. These people seem to have been born this way, although we all sure can learn from them!

If someone had to be perfect to teach others, no one would be able to teach. If you have trouble keeping your home clean and tidy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to teach others that this is the right thing to strive for. Most wives have trouble submitting to their husbands since we want our own way and we think we know what is best, but we don’t have to perfectly submit to teach others. Truth stands on its own and it always will. I have found that by teaching godly principles, it holds me more accountable.

We all will fail but that doesn’t mean we stay there. We pick ourselves back up quickly and run the race set before us doing the best that we can. We understand that the Spirit lives inside of us so we need to rely on His strength working powerfully in and through us. Don’t ever feel disqualified to speak Truth because you don’t live it out perfectly but never give up trying. God sees our hearts. If we are puffed up and speak Truth but have no desire to live up to what we teach, then others can call us hypocrites and they will be right but if we humbly continue to seek His will and live according to it while taking exhortation and rebuke from others, we will slowly grow into the likeness of Christ. The body of Christ is called to build up and encourage each other in the faith and their walk. Never be ashamed of being rebuked but learn from it and continue walking in the Spirit. Don’t ever be accused of being a hypocrite because you are one.

Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?
Romans 2:3