Friday, August 26, 2016

The Grand Experiment has Failed

Feminism had a plan. Get mothers out of the home, away from their children, and have other raise them. This was "freedom." They were able to do as they please, have their own money, and not have to do housework and be with their children all day. However, it has failed. Do you know how I know? We mentor many couples. Many spouses are completely messed up from not having a mother home full-time with them that was there loving, caring, disciplining, and training them. Therefore, they have a difficult time bonding to anyone and have deep emotional scars from it. This is happening with wives and husbands. I mentor many wives whose husbands are like this and Ken mentors husbands whose wives are like this. They are usually angry and have no clue how to love and be close to somebody.

It's not only women who are being physically abused, it's men too. They have to run from their wives or live  horrible lives within the four walls of their homes. It is the same for women. There are more divorces now that are initiated by women and more single mothers than ever. It has been devastating with long term consequences affecting many generations.

Stop the madness!!! Come home and love on your children. Discipline and train them in the ways of the Lord. Give them a lot of kisses, hugs, and kindness. Tell them you love them daily. Let them know you enjoy them and love being with them. Teach them about Jesus' love for them. Your children won't need to learn "self-esteem" at school. Having a mother home full-time is the greatest confidence booster children can have!