Friday, August 26, 2016

Feminists Want Sameness, Not Equality

"Feminism is simply women wanting to be equal to men and able to do everything a man does," said Meredith Vieira.  Another woman was quoted as saying that any women who wasn't a feminist was an idiot. Well then, I must be an idiot. However, feminism isn't fighting equality since we are already equal in the eyes of the Lord. Our value is the same and He loves us the same. What feminism is fighting is sameness. They want men and women to be the same but we can never be the same.

No woman will ever be able to play in the NFL, NBA, or any of the male sports. They aren't built strong enough or fast enough to be able to play. Right here proves that we can never be the same as men. I know feminists goal is to be able to have any job a man has and to be able to make the same pay. They should be able to sleep around like men do {although women are the ones who get pregnant and are more susceptible to STDs} and do whatever they want to do with their lives. They should even be able to become a man but no matter how hard they try, they will still have the DNA of a female. 

The consequences of women wanting to be the same as men has been devastating. Children are no longer being raised by their mothers. Millions of babies aren't even given life. Many men are out of work since most of the jobs are being taken. Half or more of the Universities are women. Divorce is common. No one is home taking care of the home and children. 

God built women for something completely different than he built men for. Men were created to go out and hunt for food and women to tend the home.