Thursday, August 25, 2016

Help Your Chidlren to Not Grow Up to Be Babies

There are jokes about men when they are sick and what babies they are during the trial of having a cold or flu. Yes, they are no fun to have but if you want your children to not grow up and whine and complain when they are sick, I have suggestions for you.

My children grew up with a sick mother, as many of you knew. I decided from the time they were young that I was going to suffer in silence since I didn't want them to suffer along with me due to my complaining. When they were sick and little, I would mostly would hold them on my lap since this is where they mostly wanted to be. However, as they grew a bit older, I wouldn't allow them to complain about what ailed them. If they were in pain or hurting, I would do what I could to make them feel better but I taught them not to complain. I didn't "baby" them when they were older.

Both of my daughters-in-law have told me that their husbands do not complain at all when they are sick. Erin has even told me that she doesn't even know when Ryan is sick. My other daughter, Emily, said that all of my children are tough. 

This world is tough. We are commanded to not complain. Each time the Israelites complained in the wilderness, God would bring punishment upon them. It's unpleasant to be around those who are negative a complain. When we complain, we are not trusting God with our lives and saying that what He has planned for us is not good. If you are a believer, every thing that happens to you is for your good.

We trained up our children to not complain, therefore, when they grew up and were adults, they don't complain. You don't want to baby them as they are growing older. If they are sick, tell them you don't want to hear their moaning, groaning, and complaining. Their future spouse will thank you for training them in this way!