Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Teaching Femininity and Masculinity

It is important for parents to raise them up in the way they should go. If they are born a male, raise him up to be a masculine man. If they are born a female, raise them up to be a feminine women. Make sure they understand their God-given role and teach it to them from the time they are young. Little girls should play with baby dolls and boy should play with trucks and balls. Yes, a little tomboy girl may but cute when she is young but it is not cute when they get older. It is your job as parents to steer them in the direction that God made them.

If boys aren't athletic and don't like team sports or playing with a ball, take them hiking, fishing, or help them build something. When they are older, have them learn how to change the oil on a car, repair things around the home, take care of the yard, and do masculine things. Teach the girls to love dressing feminine, cooking, cleaning, and other things that have to do with homemaking. If you don't teach your children these things, culture will teach them the opposite; women can be men and men can be women.

Girls need an education so they will grow up to be smart wives and mothers. Wives may have to help their husbands with their jobs and mothers may homeschool their children. Getting an education shouldn't just be for having a career. Make sure your daughters know that this isn't the ultimate goal of education but to know how to read, do math, understand history, and other important things they need to learn.

Little girls need to grow up and be able to be a homemaker and all this entails. Little boys need to grow up and be able to provide for a family so he must learn skills and have an education to do so. It's up to us, as parents, to lead our children in the right way. In the "olden days" parents did need to be so diligent about this but in these times, we must be since culture is teaching them lies.