Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Huge Loss To Society

Those of us who have chosen to be keepers at home can barely stay home because of the dear senior saints who need to be taken to the doctor, the grocery, or just out to lunch, because their daughters and daughter-in-law are working. Being busy with an outside job has its advantages, like not having to face the people who are in need and hungry and whose souls need caring for. {Marilee Horton}

Ouch, that sounds a bit harsh since some women have no choice but to work, but to those who chose to work, Marilee may be right. Many young women tell me they cannot find a godly woman to mentor them. Some tell me their mothers work and can't help them at all with their children. Women seeking careers have taken them away from the things the Lord wants of them. Society is suffering with so many women in the workforce and away from their homes.

Women at home provide a very valuable asset to society. They nurture and train their children. They support and help their husbands. They fix nutritious food for their family and others who need it. They help their neighbors in need. They take care of their elderly parents. They volunteer in the schools, lessening the burden on teachers. 

When women leave their homes and join the workforce, who takes care of all this? The big and impersonal government tries to with daycare, old folks' homes, paid helpers in school, etc., but a lot of the needs go unmet.

Keepers at home provide an irreplaceable value to our society that nothing can truly replace. God has a reason for women with children being in the home. None of His commands are to make life worse but to make life better. He knows most women do not have the stamina to have a career, run a home, raise godly children, and be a proper help meet to their husbands.

He doesn't command mothers to be keepers at home to take away women's equality with men, make them slaves to their homes, or make their lives miserable. He knew that women are the most protected and productive in the home and society benefits.

Well reported of for good works; if she has brought up children,
 if she has lodged strangers, if she has washed the saint's feet, 
if she has relieved the afflicted, 
if she has diligently followed every good work.
I Timothy 5:10