Monday, April 14, 2014

Are You Guilty Of Idolatry?

Voddie Boucham preached a powerful message titled "Healing For Hurting Marriages." He speaks hard to women and men. Since, I teach women, I am going to share what he said to us. It would be wonderful if your husband would listen to it and hear what he had to say to men. I am not going to write the entire sermon, just the points I thought were important for women to hear ~

When a wife states that she will not submit to her husband, she is saying, "No, I am not going to submit to him. Why? Because I disagree with God. God says he's my head. However, he may have met God's qualifications for my submission but he hasn't met my qualifications for submission. Therefore, God, I out rank you which means I am violating the first commandment but there's another god besides you and that god is my standard."

An unsubmissive wife is guilty of idolatry. Who's her idol? Look in the mirror. When women or men say they are unhappy in their marriage and want out, Voddie exclaims, "The spotless sinless lamb of God the Father crushed and killed for sin that was not his own, but you, he wouldn't want unhappy? Who do you think you are? Unhappy may be right where God needs you to bring maximum glory to His own name. If your arm wasn't doing what you wanted it to do, would you cut it off? We don't have a marriage problem in our culture, we have a worship disorder. Jesus is not magnificent or worthy enough. We think far too much of ourselves and far too little of Christ."

Hard hitting stuff, I know, but most of us need it. We are walking the narrow road that leads to life and it isn't an easy road. The broad road that leads to destruction is easy and based upon our feelings and needs not on obedience to Christ and His ways.

Next time you get discouraged in your marriage, just remember that you are commanded by God to love and submit to your husband. When you love and submit to him, you are loving and submitting to God and your reward will be great. God is the one you are ultimately pleasing and He is worthy of our obedience.

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.
John 14:15

***Seek those things which are above, for you are dead to sin and 
your life is hid in Christ with God. Now believe it!