Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Are You Building God's Kingdom or Your Own?

Here in America, it's easy to forget our mission. We have so much wealth and entertainment that we've forgotten that our mission is to make disciples. Jesus didn't command us to make converts, but to make disciples. Since many have forgotten this mission, they've taken a lot of wrong turns. They mistakenly think that their short time down here on earth is to be happy, instead of making disciples.

Many women have decided that their goals are way more important than God's goals of being a wife and mother, so they've left their homes to make their "mark on the world." They have full-time careers and leave the few children they may have in the care of strangers all day so they can find "fulfillment." They fail to realize that their high calling from God is to be keepers at home and their ministry is making their homes a place of peace and rest for their husband, children, and all those who need a sanctuary away from the turmoil of this messed up world.

Many have few children since they want to be happy, instead of make disciples. Having a lot of children will prevent them from having many things, doing many things, and going many places. It will take away their happiness because they will be exhausted most of the time and have little "me time." They've forgotten that God calls children a blessing and it is their job to have children and raise them for Him; making disciples of their children so they can go out to be salt and light to a lost and dying world.

Many don't stay married if they're not happy or the road becomes very rocky. Their husband is a jerk and makes their life miserable so why should they stay when it's so easy to get a divorce and have "freedom." They've forgotten that by staying faithful to their vows for better or for worse, they are modeling to a lost world God's faithfulness to us and the relationship of Christ and His church. Christ remains faithful to us, even when we are unfaithful.

When their children are grown up and gone, they spend their time traveling and their time and money is their own to do as they please. They've figured they've "paid their dues" and now it's their time to be happy. God calls them to do otherwise. He commands older women to train young women; be with them, help them, teach them, love them, support them, encourage them. Lodge strangers, relieve the afflicted and diligently follow every good work, as Paul commands in I Timothy 6:10.

Many think their money is for their own pleasure so they spend it all on themselves building their own little kingdoms on earth with newer, nicer, faster and better all the while those around them are heading for hell. They forgot that we are called to use our time, resources and talents to make disciples by loving, helping and giving ourselves away. 

Our lives down here are short. God commands that we make disciples. Are you making disciples? Are you using your time, talents and gifts to make your home a place where Jesus is welcomed? Are you making sure your children are well-trained in the ways of the Lord? Are you loving your husband and being faithful to him even if it is hard so those around you can see the power of God in your life? Are you spending your later years ministering to those younger than you and helping them be the wives and mothers that God has called them to be? Are you using your time, talents and money building God's kingdom or are you using it to build your own?

Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; 
reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.
2 Timothy 4:2