Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Brand New eShakti Dress

It's been years since I have bought a new dress that wasn't for a wedding! Therefore, I asked the women in the chat room if any of them knew a good place to buy dresses. I'd been looking for awhile. I only have one summer dress and I do enjoy wearing dresses a lot! Ken likes me in dresses. I love to wear them to church and anytime I go out for a special occasion. However, I like to buy well-made ones that aren't too expensive. I am willing to buy quality since I wear my clothes a long time!

One of the women mentioned eShakti so I checked out their website. I loved their style of dresses so I ordered a couple since they had a special going with new orders receiving a discount, plus all the dresses were on sale. After ordering, I decided to change something so I called the next day and talked to one of the sales representatives. Just on a whim, I asked about maybe advertising their company on my blog. I have never advertised anything but I thought this may be a company I'd like to advertise since many of the women who read my blog are looking for well-made, inexpensive and modest dresses.

They sent me a size 6 dress and it fit great!  However, when I received the two dresses I had previously ordered in the same size, they were WAY too tight. I couldn't even get them over my head. I returned them and ordered a dress with my own custom measurements, since sizes can vary from dress to dress. Every dress you can custom order with your exact measurements! This dress is the dress you see in the picture and it fits me like a glove. I love it!

When ordering, they ask for about eight different measurements and then they will store it for future orders. You can also make it any length you want, what style of neck line, pockets or no pockets, and some even give the option of length of sleeves! You get ALL of these options for only $7.50 extra! They usually have a good sale going on. The dresses are quality made. I particularly love the one in the photo because it is half linen and half cotton with a lining in it. The zipper is on the side but you can request it on the back if you'd like.

I am EXTREMELY happy with the dresses I have received from them. When I called to change something the day after I ordered, they were very kind and helpful. I am excited to advertise them on my blog since I believe their product is such great quality and affordable prices, plus they're modest! eShakti is extending 10% off to all my readers with the discount coupon 'lorialexander' from 05/12/2015 to 06/12/21015. 

   In like manner also, that women 
adorn themselves in modest apparel...
1 Timothy 2:9