Saturday, May 2, 2015

God's Ability to Transform His Life

Some of you are married to an unbeliever or disobedient husband. Life is difficult for you. You would love to leave him and find happiness with someone else but if you leave him, Jesus leaves him. Then what? He is left to his own destruction.

When you stay with him, Jesus stays with him and lives in his home since Jesus is living inside of you. Do you have a vision of eternity? Do you want that man that you vowed to love all of the days of your life through good times and bad times, through sickness and health, through poverty and wealth to go to heaven? His best chance of living eternally with Jesus is for you to live with him and love him.

Yes, it's hard but Jesus lives inside of you and will give you strength. He will never ask you to do something you are incapable of doing. He wants believing spouses to stay with unbelieving or disobedient spouses so they will be sanctified. You sanctify your husband by living with him.

When you have eternity in view, it makes sense to stay with him. He becomes your mission field and you win him without a word by your godly behavior. Your behavior will speak much louder to him than any words will. He will be drawn to your patience, kindness, love, and grace when he knows he doesn't deserve you. This is a very good thing, women.

I know some women who have given up on their sick, poor or not so good husband and it causes my heart to ache for both of them. This is not God's will. Jesus has left their husband's home and the wives are being disobedient to God. No one wins in this situation. No one, except maybe the enemy of our soul. If God has the ability to create a beautiful sunset like the one above, he has the ability to transform your husband's life.

TheJoyFilledWife wrote this on Where's the Lovemaking Gone? 

The beauty of a life lived in Christ is that, by surrendering your will in exchange for His will for your life, He is able to heal even the most wounded hearts and purify those who have been caught in destruction of sin. Because God has brought such a turn around in my own marriage, I have faith that He can change even the most devastated of marriages. I hope and pray that none of you ladies who are experiencing tragedy or betrayal will choose to give up on your husbands and God's ability to transform their lives. My husband's former addiction impacted our marriage in ways he never realized until after he came out of it, but the restoration and healing that has come about through Christ is the only answer for such a drastic change. God is able to do so much more than we could ever imagine! We must never lose faith.

Pornography steals so much from a marriage and in ways we don't always initially see. With the sin removed from my husband's life, we saw 3,000% increase in our intimate times {prompted by him} as a husband and wife! Before I couldn't convince him to give me a second glance for anything and now I can't keep him away {not that I want to}. We need to pray faithfully and be patient with God's timing of deliverance. It doesn't happen overnight.

God is a God of miracles and, as our husband's help meet, we must never lose hope that God can heal our marriages. He is capable of turning them into something more amazing than we ever could have asked for. Let's be always praying for our men and the purity of their hearts and devotion to the Lord. There are many who are going through or have gone through just what you're facing right now. Know that God will carry you through it and lean on His strength at every turn and through every tear.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted 
And saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:18