Monday, August 24, 2015

Dressing Immodestly is Being Prideful

Most women like attention. They like to have others look at them, give them compliments and tell them how pretty they are since this builds up their "fragile self-esteem." Is this what godly women should be looking for? Shouldn't we be looking for others to think of us as being kind, generous and caring, instead of trying to draw attention to ourselves?

We are told that many women in today's society have a problem with their self-esteem. If their self-esteem is so low, why are so many of them showing off their bodies in tiny bikinis, low-cut tops and short shorts and dresses? No, their problem isn't one of self-esteem; it is one of pride. They want others to look at their bodies and even have men lust after them. It's a huge ego thing and this isn't what godly women should be after.

Women also have a tendency to spend a lot of time on themselves by shopping for clothing, shoes and makeup. They spend a lot of time fixing their hair and in front of the mirror making sure they look perfect. They seem to think it's a "sin" if they aren't "loving themselves enough" and spending time for themselves, instead of loving God and others more by living lives of unselfishness, humility and thankfulness for the way God created them.

God commands women to be modest in ALL areas of our lives; in the way we dress, in the way we spend our money and in the way we act. When we spend a lot of time and money on ourselves, we are filled with pride; only thinking about ourselves and our needs. I am 56 years old and in about a week, I'll be 57 years old. Women seem to age quickly after the age of 55. I've been through a lot physically and this, along with my age, is showing. I'm not thrilled about taking pictures of myself anymore. However, growing old doesn't bother me. This is a part of God's plan and I am content with it! {I'm actually happy I've even reached this age!}

Ken still finds me attractive and he is the only one that matters to me. I want others to find Jesus in me to be attractive. As our outer man is decaying, our inner man should be being renewed day by day. I do this by spending time in the Word, praying, listening to godly teachers and preachers and trying to dwell on the lovely and the pure. Yes, I blow it but my desire in life is to be like Jesus in my attitudes and actions. Yet, no matter how old or young you are, how beautiful or not so beautiful, the only thing others remember after being with you aren't your looks or the way you dressed, but if you were kind to them and interested in their life. I have learned to be interested in other's lives and to stop focusing upon myself. I love asking people I meet questions about themselves. I don't try to get them to be impressed with me anymore. The Lord has disciplined me enough to know that life isn't about me but about serving Him by loving others and teaching them His ways.

Women, please stop being immodest in your dress and in your behavior since the root of this is pride which began with the enemy of our souls. You are going to age and get old, if the Lord blesses you with years but in the meantime, use the years you have to bring glory to Him. The greatest fruit you will bear will not be all the time you spent on yourself trying to look beautiful and sexy but in giving yourself away to your family and others. Your looks will fade. You will get gray hair and wrinkles. The best antidote to this I have found is to stand up straight and tall and smile warmly at others.

Here is a picture of Ken and me a few days ago at a friend's wedding. The key to taking pictures at my age is to not take pictures too close, up higher, and try to make them a bit fuzzy; not that I'm prideful or anything! 

For which cause we faint not; 
but though our outward man perish, 
yet the inward man is renewed day by day.
2 Corinthians 4:16

***On Monday, September 7th, I'm going to be starting a 10-week series using Nancy Leigh DeMoss' study guide called "Interior Design: Ten Elements of Biblical Womanhood." You can order it HERE if you would like to follow along. Some of the chapters include: Discernment, Affection, Discipline, Virtue, Disposition, and Beauty. It will be an encouraging and convicting study. Please join us!