Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Are You a Good Steward of Your Time?

It seems that many women have a very difficult time keeping their homes clean and tidy today. In the "olden days" before all the new technology, everyone in the family had to pitch in and help run the farm to even put food on the table. Those who did not work, literally did not eat. 

Our society today lends itself to laziness. When the mass exodus of women left their homes for careers, the husbands, children and homes were forgotten. There was no one home to raise and train the children. One of the many things I hear from women is that their mothers did not train them to keep a clean and tidy home. Most of their mothers had careers and were gone from their home all day or they were too busy watching television shows or talking on the telephone to teach them.

Life is so much easier as an adult if you are trained as a child many things: how to clean and keep things tidy, how to cook, NOT to be lazy, spend time in God's Word, not overeat, exercise, be kind and loving to others, etc. It's much more difficult as an adult to train yourself in these things. If your were trained by your parents in all these good ways, thank them, will you?

With the advent of mothers leaving their homes, fast food became popular; food with little nutrition and very fattening. It was filling but had empty calories so it promotes eating too much. With the dishwasher, dryer, washer, etc., it leaves too much time in many woman's hands so they waste their time on meaningless things.

We need to spend our days in keeping our homes clean and tidy, cooking nourishing foods, training our children in the ways of the Lord, and productive things that please the Lord. Do your children a huge favor and train them how to be good stewards of their time. I love what Erin said about pouring your life into something other than your family in this post ~

For some of the other young mothers that just do not heed the still small voice, they will one day wake up, even after they made their big walk of fame and glory, after they have helped a million mothers, and they made a fortune along the way, they will also wonder what I have wondered these past months. We wonder these things because God puts a desire in our hearts to minister to our families. And when they notice that their kids are all grown, moved far away, don't need them anymore, they will mourn for that loss. For when they gained the whole world but they lost the souls of their children, which is a risk they are taking, they will regret not listening to that still small voice when it was whispering in their ears to pour into those that He had given and entrusted to their care alone.

These words will make some of you weep; those whose children are already all grown and you wasted those precious years pursuing your own interests instead of those the Lord has given you. Young mothers, spend the short years raising your children WITH them. They need and want you. It is a decision you will NEVER regret.

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:16