Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dreading the Financial Implications of Coming Home?

One big problem I have with women working outside of the home once they are married is there are two men who they must submit to and obey if they have a boss and these two men can be in conflict at times; most women will easily submit to and obey their boss but NEVER their husband! God commands wives to submit to and obey their husbands, not their bosses. Long ago, before the feminist movement, once women were married, they were let go from their job. This was a great practice, in my opinion! 

There are many women who would love to come home full-time, even if they don't have children but they worry about their financial situation. F.B. Meyer wrote this, "Never dread any consequence resulting from absolute obedience to His command. Never fear the rough waters ahead...Dare to trust Him! Dare to follow Him! Then discover that the forces that blocked your progress and threatened your life become at His command the very materials He uses to build your street of freedom." True freedom comes from obeying God and His Word.

God never intended for women to carry the burden of providing for their families. Way too many women leave their home and children in the care of others to care for other people's home and children. If they are a waitress, they are serving food to other people, instead of their own family. If they are a teacher, they are teaching other children instead of their own children in order for someone else to teach their children. If they are a nurse, they are caring for sick people, instead of being able to care for their children. Most women leave their homes for a career that they should be doing at home and using their brains, time and talents for ministering to others rather than their own families.

All of the intelligence, time and talents the Lord has given to women are for raising a godly generation if you have been blessed with children, NOT for making a name for yourself "out there" or making money. Even women who can't have children will find ways to mother someone or something, even if it is an animal, a husband, other people's children, etc. God created us to mother; to nurture and care for others. If you have children, you should be using your nurturing and caring for your own family.

God is clear that he wants young women to be "keepers at home." Even if you don't have children, it takes time to keep a clean and tidy home, shop for and fix nourishing meals, minister to those in need and be a full-time help meet to your husband. If you are blessed to be able to be at home without children and you find yourself getting bored, find a ministry to get involved with; young mothers need help; old people need help; sick and injured people need help. There are many who suffer alone due to women leaving their homes for the workforce. If you have a job outside of the home, make sure the ministry you have been given to your husband and home are a priority and are not neglected in any way.

Once you are able to be home full-time and the budget is tight, be frugal and find ways to save money. Learn to live within your husband's income for where there is a will {in this case, it is God's will}, there is a way! If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and everything else, He can certainly provide for you as you walk in obedience to His call on your life. If you can make a little money from home that doesn't interfere with home and family life, by all means do it!

Women have been cheated by the feminist movement. We can't have it all. Home will always be a woman's domain no matter how hard we try to get our husbands to help. Women were created for the details of running a home and a woman who works outside of the home will become exhausted quickly with having way too much on her plate. Her life should revolve around her home, whether she has children or not. Men build the houses and women make it a home. This is the way God has always intended it to be because He knows it is best for men, women, children and society.

Just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord,
 and you have become her children if you 
do what is right without being frightened by any fear.
1 Peter 3:6

NEVER be frightened to do what is right and what God has called you to do!