Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Should Women Attend Bible Studies?

Have you ever attended a Bible Study with just women? I have attended many! I recently read a post about a mother who attended one and was not too happy about it so she quit going. The women at the study complained about their husbands and children so she found it discouraging. When I was younger, I can't recall what we discussed around our group tables at bible study since I may have been participating in bashing our husbands and complaining about raising children. The one I attended up until a few years ago, however, there was no bashing of husbands or children but there was no encouraging each other about loving and obeying our husbands, loving our children, being chaste, discreet and keepers at home. These are the things women need to be learning about and encouraged in the most, according to God's Word.

I have spoken to young women who attend bible studies and they do admit that there is a lot of husband bashing going on. This is never productive! If a woman is having problems within her marriage, she should be going to a godly, older woman for mentoring; not sharing it with a group of women. I remember when I would hear griping about husbands and would participate; it would just make me more upset with my husband. God hates complaining! We should be sharing what we are thankful about our husbands, instead of complaining.

Women who have more than just a couple of children are usually given a hard time instead of encouragement and help. Children are ALWAYS a blessing from the Lord. God is never disappointed when another baby is born, whether it is a mother’s first or tenth baby. We should be encouraging each other about our children; sharing what is working in raising them and helping young mothers in need.

As for being a keeper at home, unfortunately, this is seldom spoken about in church because so many women work outside of the home. Nothing that God said is important for young women to hear should ever be off  limits, especially in a church setting! Many women would love to hear that being at home full-time is just where they are supposed to be.

After writing all this, does this mean I believe women should not attend bible studies? No, I believe if you attend a bible study where the women complain about their husbands and children, be a light and only speak words of life to these women. Share your love for your husband and what you love about him. Share how much you love being a mother, even though it can be very difficult but you understand that it is God's ordained role for you. Churches need women who aren't afraid to be salt and light even to other Christian women. Who knows how God may use you? You may be surprised!

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, 
but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.
Ephesians 4:29