Friday, October 9, 2015

Do Women Deserve Something from Their Husband?

This post was going around Facebook ~

I am sorry to burst women's bubble but every woman does not deserve these things. We don't deserve anything; that's right. We don't "deserve" anything. This is what is wrong with our society. Everyone thinks they "deserve" something just for being. No, the only way we deserve anything is to work hard for it. 

If you want your husband to love you dearly, act lovable. Give him a reason to love you deeply. Learn what pleases him. Fix his favorite meals. Be available for him sexually. Satisfy this need he has and can only be fulfilled by you. Please, stop quarreling, arguing, controlling, and manipulating him with your moods and words. Learn to treat him with respect, honor him and obey him. Allow him to be the leader of the home. Be kind and gracious with him. Appreciate him for all the things he does for you and tell him. Be his help meet and love him deeply.

This poster was shared in the chat room. Let me tell you, this chat room is amazing! If you are looking for godly, wise counsel, please join it. When I was so sick for a few weeks back and couldn't participate in it at all, I felt perfect peace about the wisdom the other women were going to give to those seeking counsel. Someone shared this poster and they all immediately knew the folly of it. Walk with the wise, women!

One of these wise woman responded this way; "Maybe we should make one! 'Men deserve a hot meal when they get home from work, a clean and tidy home, a smiling and joyful wife...' imagine the outrage!" In fact, if any of you want to design this, put it on your Facebook and then show it to me. I could put it on my Facebook page and we could share it all around Facebook!!! What some use to destroy marriages by making women unhappy and discontent, we will use to change their thinking and heal their broken marriages. 

Women who expect these things from their husbands will destroy their marriages since expectations are relationship killers. Don't do what this poster suggests, women! When you see something like this on Facebook, be bold and underneath it speak truth to the women reading. They need to begin hearing truth instead of lies that will lead to the destruction of their marriages. 

The wise woman builds her house,
 But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.
Proverbs 14:1