Sunday, September 25, 2011

Children Who Walk In Truth

People don't like others to brag about their children.  Now if you go on and on about all their awards, accomplishments, etc. I agree, but to tell others that they walk with Jesus and are good kids, I love to hear that and so should other believers!  This world needs to see and hear examples of godly children.  It gives them hope.  This world needs hope.

This world is full of bad news everywhere: children in open rebellion and doing all sorts of things that devastate their parents.  If your child is walking in truth...GREAT!  Encourage others about it!  This world needs children walking in truth and being lights to a very dark world.  

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth
III John 4

Our children could be doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, rich, beautiful, and happily married, but if they are not walking in truth, it is all for naught.  Nothing else matters.  

But if they are walking in truth, everything matters ~  

They are children of God {Matthew 5:9}, 

expecting God to work powerfully through them {Colossians 1:29}, 

being rewarded because they earnestly seek Him {Hebrews 11:6}, 

delighting in Him and receiving the desires of their heart {Psalm 37:4},

being blessed beyond all they can imagine {Ephesians 3:20}, 

knowing that all things will work together for their good {Romans 8:28}, 

and that they are more than conquerors through Him 
 {Romans 8:37}. 

Claim His promises!  Believe in them even if you don't see them being fulfilled on this earth.  It is much better to live in hopeful, positive, expectation than to live in doubting, pessimistic, gloom any day!

So if your children are walking in truth, praise God!  Thank Him from whom ALL blessings flow.  Be happy for those who have children who are walking in truth. Rejoice with them.  Pray for those who have prodigal children.  Weep with them.  Encourage them to keep hoping and trusting in the Lord...