Monday, September 19, 2011

Effeminate Men

There are a lot of effeminate men out there these days.  Men that aren't tough.  They aren't masculine and they don't act like men should act.  I think the problem is that too many women are raising little boys.  Many boys don't have a strong father figure to imitate or mothers step in and protect their sons from their fathers trying to toughen them up.

Ken was tough on my boys.  When they got hurt playing sports, he'd make them go in there and keep playing {unless, of course, it was really a concussion}.  I use to really dislike it when he did that.  I wanted to pamper my boys and make them feel better.  I see moms do that all the time...They get mad at their husbands and won't let them be hard on their boys. {I am not talking about abuse in any form.}

It is a tough world out there.  Men need to be tough.  They are called to be protectors and providers.  Moms need to let the dads make their boys tough...Not baby them like we want to do.  If they go into the military, they are toughened up real quick.  

I like men to be men.   I like them strong and masculine.  I like it when I see a strong fireman or policeman.  They look like they can protect us.

Let boys be boys...climb trees and fences, play with toy guns and pretend fight, etc. They have a lot of testosterone and need an outlet, a healthy outlet.  Don't let them put your little boys on Ritalin just because they can't sit still in class all day.  Boys weren't made to sit in a chair studying all day. They need to move...A LOT!!!

So, moms, let your husbands make your sons into men.  It will benefit society greatly!

I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.  
I John 2:14b

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