Friday, February 14, 2014

Cassi Found Her Very Own Valentine

A year ago, Cassi couldn't stand the idea of kissing a guy!  Then she met Ryan the day after Valentine's Day.  Now, she can't stop kissing him!  Sure, she dated a lot of guys but none that seemed right for her.  She was waiting for the right one, the one God would lead her to.  The minute she met Ryan, she was attracted to him.  

Cassi has always walked with Jesus.  She was our easiest child to raise.  When I posted about her wedding, someone asked us if she was our most special child.  No, all of our children are special.  They all have unique personalities and gifts and we love them all dearly.

Since Cassi was our fourth, she probably got the least amount of attention growing up.  Ryan gives her a lot of attention.  He is always telling her how adorable she is.  He looks in her eyes and carefully listens to her when she talks.  He desires to understand her and make her happy.

Ryan wants to be the spiritual leader of his home.  He wants to please Cassi and raise godly offspring.  He wants to do things the right way, the godly way.  They are like two peas in a pod.  They enjoy doing the same things, simple things like puzzles and games.  They have a very special relationship.

I texted her two weeks after her wedding, "How are you enjoying married life?"  She quickly texted back, "I love it!  It feels like I'm having sleep overs with my very best friend every night! :)" 

So, all you young single women out there who are waiting for your Prince Charming, continue doing things God's ways waiting upon His perfect timing.  Cassi never kissed a boy until she was 24 years old.  She wanted to find a husband that she could enjoy life with and that had a sincere love for Jesus.  She found one!

When Ryan watched Cassi coming down the isle on Ken's arm, he sobbed.  He knew what a treasure he was getting in Cassi.  Cassi will be a faithful, loving, and devoted wife to him all the days of her life.

Who can find a virtuous woman?  
For her price is far above rubies.  
The heart of her husband doth safely 
trust in her so that he shall have 
no need of spoil.  She will do him good 
and not evil all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:10-12