Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting Blasted!

Yes, I will write posts that offend some people.  I get blasted quite often!  Do I mind?  No.  See, I am the type that needs hard words to get it.  This is why I liked Debi Pearl's book Created To Be His Help Meet so much.  She clearly showed me my fault in my marriage and the changes I needed to make like no other book had before.

The quote from the man I used on this post was tough to hear.  Lots of women were offended. Recently, a young man told me he was frustrated that so many godly, wonderful single women were quite overweight.  Men are visual.  Gluttony is sin, so I put the two ideas together to write a post.

There are so many single women who want to get married.  My intention on writing that post wasn't to offend or hurt them.  I wanted to try to get them motivated to lose weight if their greatest desire in life is to be married.  Yes, many men like women with some meat on them but they still want them to be in shape and show self-control with their appetite.

I didn't say women needed to be beautiful as some people accused me of saying.  They argued that God looks at the heart.  Well, men aren't God and they look at the outward appearance.  However, women can do a lot to make themselves attractive to men whatever they look like.  Women who are joyful and positive are very attractive to men.

Sunshine Mary listed things that are attractive to men ~ a lot of smiling, classy and feminine clothing, self-control, friendliness, affection, appreciation and a thankful heart, a pleasant/friendly facial expression and tone of voice, honesty and truthfulness in a spirit of love, a desire to be his help meet and to bless and serve him, youthfulness/a feminine figure/ physical beauty {making the most of our appearance in a healthy, confident, and godly way}.  You can read the full list HERE.

My purpose for writing this blog isn't to offend or shame people but to make them think about their choices and lifestyle. I am very sorry if you felt offended or shamed after reading that post.  I may not always choose the best quotes or the best words but I only desire to help women become godly women who walk in obedience to God in all areas of their lives.  Many women don't like Debi Pearl's writing style as many women don't like mine.  I love hard words that challenge me, however, so I will continue to write them.  After all, Jesus certainly knew how to use words that were difficult to hear!

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; 
reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine.
II Timothy 4:2