Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrating ANOTHER Wedding!

My parents have ten grandchildren. Five of those grandchildren had or will have their wedding in 2014. Within a two and a half month period, four of them are getting married! Steven's was last month and a little over a week ago, we attended my nephew Gregory's wedding. Ryan and Steven were some of his groomsmen. It was a beautiful celebration of a young couple who are walking with Jesus and becoming one flesh in Him. I love attending weddings like this one. It is good to go to weddings and be reminded of the vows you made to your husband and the memories of young love.

Besides watching the love between Gregory and Maria, which was obvious to ALL, I loved watching the love between my children and their spouses. They were all hugging, kissing, and dancing the night away together just having a wonderful time. Nothing brings a mama more joy than to see her children happily married and enjoying their spouses {after walking in Truth, of course}. Ryan and Cassi couldn't make it due to dental school and its demands, but they would have been doing the same exact thing as my other children!

When you begin married life knowing who you are in Christ and that marriage reflects Christ and the church, you are way ahead of the game. When Ken and I were preparing to marry, we met with our pastor one time and he didn't have much to say. Our parents didn't give us any guidance. We went through no premarital counseling and I certainly didn't have an older woman in my life teaching me the ways of God in marriage.

All of my children had premarital counseling. They read books on marriage. We talked to them a lot about marriage and how we failed in our earlier years so as to warn them. They were all well prepared for marriage. We encouraged them not to argue and fight but to be at peace with each other. They all enjoy their spouses and being married. They are reflections of Christ and the church; no, not perfectly, but a whole lot better than we were.

Here is a picture of Ryan and Cassi at Steven's wedding last month. They are still crazy about each other! Gregory and Maria's wedding was at a vineyard and was a wonderful celebration of their union as husband and wife. They are going to have a good, strong marriage also. They are building it upon the Rock and they love and accept each other just the way they are.

 So many precious, God-fearing couples; it should give us all hope for the future generations. There will always be a remnant that wants to walk on the narrow road with Jesus and build His kingdom here on earth as God's Spirit lives and works mightily through them. Praise be the Lord!

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. 
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12