Thursday, September 4, 2014

Living Virtuously: Keeping Your Heart and Home

Erin Harrison has a blog called Keeper of the Homestead. A while ago, I found her blog and saw that she was doing a series on teaching women how to clean their homes. This is not my expertise and so I told her in the comment section that I was going to copy her posts about this topic on my blog. So many women have told me that they have problems keeping their homes clean. Most mothers fail to teach their daughters homemaking skills as they are growing up.

Shortly after that, we spoke on the telephone. I could tell from her voice, her words, and her writings that she has a gentle and quiet spirit and I was going to love this woman! She shared with me that she was writing a book. Recently, she emailed me and asked if I would read it for her and let her know what I thought. She used some of my posts in her book and I enjoy learning from her, so I was very excited about this opportunity. She also asked if I would give an endorsement for the back of the book. She already has one from Michelle Duggar and Debi Pearl, two of my favorite women! What a privilege!

It is an absolutely wonderful book! Any woman from any walk of life can learn from Erin. She made a lot of mistakes in her younger life. She wasn't raised in a Christian home but somehow found the Lord on her own. She knew in her heart that He existed. Then the Lord blessed her with an amazing godly man who was Jesus to her in her struggles to become godly.

She has five children but after she had her fifth child, due to a medical mistake, she endured physical torment which still bothers her today. However, because of this pain and suffering, she has learned so much in her walk with the Lord and to appreciate every day the Lord blesses her with.

She shares how she became a godly, submissive wife to her amazing husband. She also shares how to raise children who love Jesus and aren't afraid of hard work. She teaches how to deal with all types of abuse, including emotional abuse. She is a very hard worker and accomplishes many things in a day so she gives us tips on how to keep a home clean and tidy while trying out new hobbies and creative outlets in the trenches of raising children. She even shares her struggles with raising her children in such a highly advanced technological environment and finding the balance.

Here is a snippet from her book ~

When he {her husband} first met me, I do not know he could have known what he was in store for. The roller coaster rides, the coldness, and hard work it would take to keep me from drifting away. Yet, to this day he tells me I was worth the fight. He saw something that I could not see. He saw my willingness to get back up every time. I never stayed in the pit. I fought to keep from drowning, to keep my head above water. He could see my deep faith in God through every circumstance life brought.  I was a terrible wife to start with.  I was a terrible cook. I burned everything from macaroni and cheese to pizza. I was a pack rat and a slob. My life was a mess. I did not know how to fix it nor how to find balance in my sea of chaos. To top it all off, I was not a welcoming bride. Because of all my shame from abuse, I transferred all my guilt upon him. I withheld my affection because I could not bear my own brokenness. He remained faithful through it all. His love and patience has allowed me to grow more than anything. He was constantly pushing me to rise to the high calling God had in my life, using all the talents God had given me. Now, I experience a glorious marriage, an orderly home, a precious relationship with all of my children, and most importantly, a life full of joy.

I just know you are all going to love her book! She is a woman after God’s own heart who seeks to honor and obey Him in all that she does. She will be an inspiration to many.

Erin is offering her book at $11.95 for only a few more days and then the price will go up because the book turned out to be more pages than she had planned. You can order her book HERE. Quickly take advantage of this great price before the price goes up!

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise.
Proverbs 13:20