Saturday, July 25, 2015

Never Abdicate Your Throne!

Women write me who are upset with their husbands for using foul language and watching shows that they don't feel are appropriate for their children to watch. What is a wife to do in this situation? I recently wrote this on my Always Learning Facebook page, "If you are married to a man who uses foul language and watches bad TV shows, yet you are submissive to him, shows him respect, loves him, aren't critical of him, warm, loving, generous, and kind; who do you think your children are going to be more attracted to; the world and it's ways or Jesus? This, my sisters in Christ, is how you sanctify your home."

Then Wendy, one of the women who reads my blog, wrote this, "It reminds me of the story of Abigail, David's wife. Copying the footnote from the Amplified here: I Samuel 25;31, 'Whenever God's inspired Word says earnestly remember, one is certain to miss something if he does not stop, look and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is wanting to tell him or her. Earnestly remember Abigail, is the woman whom God has specifically held up as a pattern of right behavior in an unfortunate marriage. Here a dozen vital questions are answered through Abigail's example. She could not have known that thousands of years later people in similar circumstances would become 'more than conquerors' because of her, but God knew. Study her until you know her God-given secrets of success; then pass them on to the people who are letting an unfortunate marriage wreck them rather than sanctify them for service. F.B. Meyer {Through the Bible Day by Day}  Then it added, "Never let the evil disposition of one mate hinder devotion and grace of the other. Never let the difficulties of your home lead you to abdicate your throne. Do not step down to the level of your circumstances, but lift them to your own high calling in Christ. 'Be not conformed...but be ye transfromed' {Romans 12:1, 2}."

Women are called to love their husbands whether or not they are a believer. Those married to unbelievers need to change their attitudes, if they have a bad attitude, to one that believes their husband is their mission field. When they are loving their husband, they are loving Christ. When they are serving their husband, they are serving Christ. When they are submitting to and obeying their husband, they are submitting to and obeying Christ. When they are sacrificing for their husband, they are sacrificing for Christ. Let Christ be your all in all! He is the One you want to please the most and when you please your husband, you are pleasing Christ!