Monday, July 27, 2015

Picking Up The Ball Older Women Have Dropped

Master's College is one of the very few colleges that offers a degree in Home Economics.  Many of you think homemaking, marriage and child raising should be taught in the home or church, according to this post I wrote over a year ago. I fully agree but many times it is not being taught by the family or the church. Older women are the ones who should be teaching but there are very few older women who are willing to teach young women to love their husbands, love their children, and be keepers at home.  Therefore, I think it is wonderful that Masters offers this degree.

What is more important than raising godly offspring; children that grow up to love Jesus, be salt and light to society, and then spend eternity in heaven? Can any other degree match the power of a wife and mother has on future generations and eternity?  I think not.

One mother's daughter went to Masters and got her degree in 
Home Economics. This is what she had to say about it ~

My daughter attended The Master's College and graduated with the degree Lori mentions.  She attended community college her first two years and finished out at Master's.  This helped with the cost.  Also, we paid nowhere near $20,000 a semester after scholarships, etc.  We homeschooled her through high school so she had a good start in "home economics," but as a young woman who desired a college degree yet did not have any career aspirations {She wanted to be a keeper at home and home with children.}, this was a wonderful choice!  She learned so much more than cooking or sewing, but was mentored and encouraged by godly women, was challenged by Dr. MacArthur, was pushed academically and had many opportunities to serve.

She is now married to a wonderful young man whom she met at Master's, is home with our sweet grandson, and already mentoring and encouraging those younger than her!  She is making a lovely home, decorating on a budget, fixing home-cooked meals, sewing some of her own clothes, helping friends plan their weddings, caring for her son, and being a helper to her husband.  She is enjoying using the gifts God has given her, and in her case, is very grateful for the opportunity to hold a college degree that prepared her for exactly what she wanted to do!

This is the class description at Master's College of the Home Economics Class which is now called Family and Consumer Sciences ~

Use time management skills in her home.
Manage the family finances.
Cook nutritious meals.
Practice hospitality.
Joyfully submit to her husband.
Raise her children in the "fear and admonition of the Lord"
{Ephesians 6:4}... that the Word of God will not be discredited.

This sounds absolutely amazing to me!  If the older women have dropped the ball and so few take the time to teach young women, why not let a godly, Christian college pick it up and run with it? However, if you are an older woman, I encourage you to pick up the ball and begin teaching the young women in your life!

The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior 
as becomes holiness...teachers of good things.
Titus 2:3